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The Forbidden Apple

Aug 25, 2019


How does a Hasidic "Mishpacha" compare with a Catholic "Familia"?


Melissa shares what was it like growing up as a woman in the hasidic world as Pelayo opens up about his aunt marrying god and his patriarchal grandfather.

We discuss gender roles in religious spaces, clergy and marriage. 

Sink your teeth...

Aug 18, 2019

Today we are joined by Brick City Native, Sontaia Briggs. Sontaia shares what lead her from public administration to theology. We learn about her experiences in seminary and her work as a queer faith activist. We discuss the importance of using inclusive language and rediscover the  word “miracles”. 

Get in contact...

Aug 11, 2019


Today we take ancient concepts of good and evil and start our own debate on “good” and “bad” conscience. We share our feelings when pushing past our comfort zones and revisit religious concepts from our upbringings to filter whats useful for our growth.

We discuss the limitations of hurt people hurt people...

Aug 4, 2019

Jeremy Lentz shares his journey from a young boy nervously preparing for his bar mitzvah - to an out and proud gay man called up to read “the twilight people”, at a pride Shabbat, in his chosen reform temple.


We are proud to have educator and activist Jeremy Lentz. Jeremy is the Executive Director of the...