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The Forbidden Apple

Sep 29, 2019

In our very first podcast collaboration we have the hosts of the Qurated podcast. Alex and Sam share how representation in the media helped them with their coming out, how they reach catharsis through the creation of music and connection and their vision of their podcast.

Get in touch with the Qurated...

Sep 22, 2019

In this episode, the most charming minister of worship, Jorge Lockward shares how he has been encouraging the church to not just affirm LGBTQ but celebrate them.

Church of the village is leading the way of healing PTSD by taking out pews, having a queer artist paint a rainbow flag at the entrance to the church and using...

Sep 15, 2019

Our favorite interfaith minister, Chani Getter, teaches us the meaning of spiritual counseling and the importance of being witnessed in life's celebrations. She shares about coming out with the help of Ellen Degeneres and a dictionary.

Join us as we discuss Chani's journey and how she helps others going through...

Sep 8, 2019

Today we are joined by Catherine Montesi to talk about the exploration of her sexuality while living in the bible belt.

We explore what made her abandon Catholicism and find her own meaning of faith and her evolution in stand up comedy after coming out.


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Sep 1, 2019

After 26 years as an orthodox male, Josephine decided to transition while remaining religious.

In this episode she opens up about the process and how her community and her family reacted.

We explore what orthodoxy means to her.

She also shares her advice as a peer counsellor and her plans to become a Rabbi.