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The Forbidden Apple

Jan 27, 2020

Martin Cowart, CEO of Financial Heart Space, provides a truly holistic approach to financial health, planning, and wealth management.

Although money and spirituality may not seem to have much in common, Martin uses shadow work with his clients to reconnect mind, body, and spirit. We explore how he resolves...

Jan 21, 2020

Rev.  Elizabeth Edman, an openly queer Episcopal priest and political strategist who has been expanding people‚Äôs understanding of faith and sexuality for over 25 years. She shares her personal journey and the hurdles she had to overcome to become an openly queer priest.

Having a strong sense that God always loved her,...

Jan 13, 2020

Logan Rozos is an actor known for his role in "David Makes Man". He has received the Parity Award for his work in LGBTQ/Faith activism. Logan joins us to discuss his search for identity as a trans man as well as the evolution of his faith through time. We explore the concept of grace and talk about how forgiveness can...

Jan 5, 2020

Peter M. Krask, creative director and photographer talks about his creative process and how his queerness is deeply connected to his work. 

We discuss the interconnections between desire, queerness, and creation, as well as the roots of the word "blessing".

Listen to hear how his experience in a monastery helped him say...