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The Forbidden Apple

Apr 26, 2020

Mark Julien presents the graphic novel "Justin Case and the Closet Monster". The novel was a 10-year project that he used to come out to his late father. He uses his creative drawings to share his struggles of reconciling faith and being queer. He opens up about the meaning of "the monsters living in our closet" and how...

Apr 16, 2020

Rev Yolanda and, Rev. Glen Ganaway join us to introduce us to “A course in miracles” the book that guides their lives.

They created the ministry “ the Mighty Companions” which includes a weekly meeting to discuss lessons from a course in miracles and their monthly "Church of the 2 drink minimum".

Rev Yolanda...

Apr 6, 2020

Jennifer Crawford talks to us about the pains of growing up, their recovery, and finding a higher power.

They open up about how CBT led them to be fully present whilst competing in Masterchef Canada.

They share the way they connect to their newly-discovered Jewish heritage through cooking and baking traditional Jewish...