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The Forbidden Apple

Jul 28, 2019

We discuss how prayer helped us soothe as children and made us feel safe and connected to our families and communities.

Today we go beyond the traditional understanding of prayer to include meditation, visualization, and mantras.

Listen to find out more about the power of repetition and gratitude for self-growth.


Jul 21, 2019

Screenwriter and director, Matilde Ascheri discuss her search for the right church as an 11-year-old  Siena, Italy.  Matilde created queer characters as a way to explore her sexuality and come out to her family. Listen to find out the rituals she uses to create.

We discuss how we tackle telling real stories about queer...

Jul 14, 2019

Moshe Henderson, a musical theatre director, explores his upbringing attending a non- denominational church in Seattle’s suburbs. He transformed the faith of his church into a passion for musical theatre. Moshe's motto is "no day but today".

You can follow Moshe’s work:


Jul 7, 2019

 We discuss how traditional religious values can co-exist while being queer and Muslim. We are joined by two special guests, Wazina and Zahra.  Wazina, the co-creator of “Coming Out Muslim”, was born in Afghanistan and raised in New York. Zahra is a practicing Muslim whose family comes from Tanzania. Listen to...